Holly H.

My husband and I shopped here for the first time this past weekend. We were on the hunt for prime rib, au jus, and raw horseradish. We found all three! For me it’s usually a stop at a meat market then to a grocery store. This saved us an extra trip. Ok, so the horseradish was actually horseradish. There was kick to it which is hard to find. The price is right. A huge tub for about 10 bucks! Next, the au jus was fantastic. It wasn’t watered down beef broth once you made it. Reasonable price as well. I’ll use some of it to make French onion soup Finally the prime rib roast, we had the choice of bone-in or not. We chose bone-in. Charcoal grilled it and it was perfect! Great flavor. Fresh. I was already excited about my upcoming meal but was pleasantly surprised to find out at checkout that they give VETERANS 10% off as well as an additional 3% if you pay in cash.We will be back every time we come for a visit to Rapid City which is often. I also assume this is a locally owned business so another reason to come back.