Michael Coddington

Excellent local and award winning butcher. Attentive and helpful. Great selection of game and sausag

Diane Z.

This is the place to get South Dakota raised beef, buffalo, Hutterite chickens, jerky, and every type of sausages one could imagine. Sausages are made at their market in Piedmont. The meat is fairly priced and the quality is superb This upscale meat market is located in the Autumn Hills Plaza on Sheridan Lake Road. The Porterhouse steak I had last night was the best I have ever eaten. The owner, Becky is knowledgeable and pleasant. Bravo, Rapid City!!!

Robert M.

So I had to wait until I ate the steak to write the review.  So here goes….First, the place is located in a strip center and is a little cold feeling when you first walk in.  Meaning there is no old guy with a blood stained apron behind the counter.  Just big meat selections.  From right to left runs the prime to choice, rib eyes, t-bone, porterhouse, strip and filet.  There is chicken and pork  at the far end.The meat looks and I can now say tastes fantastic.  You are going to pay a bit more then you will at grocery stores, but worth it.  Especially if it is a special occasion. The meat is fresh, not frozen cryo packed stuff.  And you will be able to tell right away.

Clem M.

While I was staying in Rapid City I was to try some of the best meat from the area and this place fit the bill. I tried the chicken breast, pork chops, and ground beef which was all very good. The best was the prime beef tender, this is an amazing cut of beef, I cooked it on the grill and it just melted in my mouth, well worth the cost I recommend this cut. The staff could be a little more friendly, they don’t have a huge selection compared to some of the meat lockers I have been to, this is a butcher shop. The jalapeño poppers are wonderful and they have a great selection of cheese. If you want some better beef than Safeway I recommend stopping here.

Julie S.

Meat was top notch, customer service could have been better. I was offered up no help in picking out meat. If you don’t care about customer service and want just a great steak this is your place. Prices are higher but you get what you pay for. Not sure if I would get my meat here regularly, but for special occasions for sure. Wish the service could have been better, the guy made it seem like I was interrupting his day.

Lorene Dodd

Yes, prices at Cutting Edge Meat Market are higher than at grocery stores – but the products are worth saving for! The staff is knowledgeable about various cuts, and will provide tips for seasoning and cooking if you ask. The butcher is obviously creative; they always offer a variety of house-made sausages with various meats and spice combinations. Unlike most commercial brands, the sausages are not saturated with salt and preservatives. To top off the experience, there’s always a hot plate skillet with samples of their products. (They will even let you sample the local cheeses if you ask…) Overall, these people know what they’re doing and are passionate about doing it right.

Rhea Tauer

Staff was very knowledgeable & helped to select the perfect cuts! Large variety of meats and extensive selection of cuts. Any person can find something delicious for any occasion. A bit pricy, however this is a go to place for the best meat in Rapid!

Eric R.

One of the best filet’s I have ever purchased.  Service was very friendly, contrary to other posts I have seen.  Good burger too!


Great staff and products. A little pricey but worth it